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The humble beginnings of the Global Transformations Co…

The Herbalife products & business opportunity found us when we were both busy and burning out running our traditional businesses. Marc was previously a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner and Business Coach, and myself owning an Osteopathic practice and Clinical Pilates studio.

Everything looked great from the outside, but the truth was we were exhausted, financially struggling and felt a loss of hope. We had closed a previous business which left us in a lot of debt and our relationship was suffering from the stress at that time. We knew we were capable of more and we were not afraid of working hard for our dreams – but we needed vision, some honest mentoring, and some hope. That was what our first Herbalife event gave us, and everything changed from then on.

We felt incredible on the products and started by just being great examples of the nutrition. Marc was able to gain lean muscle and increase his energy, while I was able to improve my gut health and reshape to achieve my fitness goals. By consistently working on ourselves both physically and mentally, sharing the products with our friends and family just became an extension of our every day life. The connection to the products was such an important foundation for us.

We were initially attracted to wellness evaluations and body transformation challenges as our ways of working. As our organisation started to grow, we very quickly began to include the fit club method, social media and Herbalife opportunity meetings – and eventually our amazing SMOOTHIE BARS which completed the final piece to the puzzle.

Our authentic team spirit, culture and commitment to personal development is the heart beat of our organisation. When someone joins the team we take the time to understand who they are, and their goals in health/life/business – so we can best mentor them to progress. Our leadership group also connect frequently and are committed to our vision on where we are all guiding the organisation. Every person matters and every person is respected for who they are and what they need from our community. Through the good times and the challenging times, our family culture holds us in a great place. Growing into a Presidents Team is a representation of our alignment, hustle and heart as an organisation. 

Having grown up in the company over the past decade, we feel blessed to look back and see how our extraordinary life vision continues to come into our reality. Thanks to this company we are better human beings, grounded leaders, better for each other as husband and wife, and we have the ability to take care of our family and set up our future with certainty and no limitations.

This opportunity has given us the space to grow, a purpose to be pulled by, a vehicle to create time freedom, financial freedom and the ability to continuously expand our potential as an organisation. This opportunity completely changed our life, and now we have the responsibility to help the team change their lives.

Our vision since day one has always been to lead the growth of Australia as a country, and Asia Pacific as a region.

Words are not enough to describe how grateful we are for the Company, our Australian leadership, our sponsor and mentors, our incredible organisation (YOU GUYS!) – and of course, the founder of the Company, Mark Hughes. Thank you Mark for the opportunity to carry your legacy.

We look forward to seeing you write the next chapter of your story, and making it a great one!

Emily and Marc xx

GTC Founders

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