SQUADS 1.0 registration


Welcome to the Squads 1.0 Mentoring Program!  The topics and skillsets we work on together are designed to help you take action in building momentum in your business. It’s all about the solid foundations done consistently, while continuing to build your confidence. The best part is that you are not doing this alone; we all work together in Squads to create PROGRESS.

Our goal is to help you achieve Supervisor as soon as possible (this month!). HOW? With a thriving client base, new members in your network and upgrading everyone to their next step. Let’s get you profitable in your business, and start expanding your team.


WHAT We will be covering off on

  • How to share your personal story and experience
  • Mastering the GTC events and training system
  • Building on your prospecting and conversational skills
  • The skill of a simple yet powerful invitation
  • How to successfully start a new distributor with duplication in mind
  • Time management and planning skills
  • How to handle objections
  • Basic marketing plan knowledge
  • Accountability around your personal progress and activity!

You will have your own small accountability support group, as well as organisational calls through this Squads mentoring program. This creates a supportive environment that encourages you to get to work on your business, all while having some fun and growing personally.

The caveat – YOU have to execute and take action.

Let’s do this!



  • 8 week series consisting of group calls and follow up with your coach and accountability group
  • Occasionally dates may change due to community events
  • Open to GTC registered members that have accumulated a total of 1000vp or more since beginning your Coaching journey* (*1000vp only needs to be completed once, volume points can be placed to qualify right up until the day of training begins)
  • GTC Training Program access required (see below for details)
  • Points will be tracked for business-growth results along the way
  • Prizes are available for the top performers!

We look forward to the success that you create for yourself with this program.


Your GTC Training Program is all inclusive. To be specific some of the benefits that come with the training program are:

  • Full access to our GTC learning hub website (10+ years of resources, experience and learnings at your fingertips)
  • Monthly training and upskilling through our Squads and Team Building mentoring programs
  • Supervisor business mentoring sessions and personal development workshops (and access to prior workshop recordings)
  • Nutrition Club essential modules for Club Partners and Owners
  • Personal Development Library
  • Product trainings from Herbalife Doctors and Scientists

As entrepreneurs many of us were used to paying for business coaching programs that were $3000 per month PLUS, and the support and resources were nothing compared to what we have available through the GTC system. This small monthly investment into yourself and your growth gives you the information to build the business and income you desire for your goals and dreams!

Your training program is just $55 per month (every month) and unlocks everything above. To cancel simply contact our administration team with 14 days notice.

If you currently do not have GTC Training Program access, you can activate this by registering below. Simply click “No” when the form asks if you have GTC Training Program access, complete your payment and the administration team will take care of the rest.

Let’s get into action! 

terms & Conditions

The information in the squads program is a guide only.

Health advice from your Doctor should be the primary care advice if there are any predisposed medical conditions or concerns.

If you have full GTC Training Program access and your invoices are not up to date, unfortunately you will not be eligible to participate in the monthly trainings and your learning hub access may be suspended.

Income applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted are not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Gross Compensation Paid by Herbalife Nutrition at Herbalife.com.au and au.myherbalife.com.