Welcome to your

28 Elevate Challenge

password: elevate

We can’t wait to guide you through 28 days of our Elevate Challenge.

This is the time to chase the best version of you! 28 days of your new health habits engrained with the support of your Coach and the Community. Just imagine what we can achieve together…
Are you ready to win? Let’s ELEVATE!

Which Elevate Category is for you?

Fat Loss (Male/Female)

AKA Shred, Reshape, Weight Loss, Centimeter loss, Tone up.

Muscle Gain (Male/Female)

AKA Build shape, lean muscle gain, build strength and fitness, sports performance.
*This category is best suited for those that are currently weight training/cross training, or playing a high level of sport*

Couples Transformation

Accountability to the best possible transformation together! Can be either fat loss or muscle gain (or you can both be different) but the goal is to create the best before and after ‘transformation’ photos together.
*Individual results may vary

Have you recently completed your 3-Day Kickstart with us?

As a special high-five we are giving you your first 28 Elevate Challenge for just $1 – you read that correctly, just $1! 10+ years of value all bundled up for less than your latte…

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Been here before? Back-to-back Challenger?

Go ahead and choose your category to dominate! You know what goodness is ahead of you… Touch base with your Coach, set the game plan, and let’s bring the heat to get you on track and progressing.

Did someone say PRIZES?
Have you seen our 2023 prize selection?

We are all about Elevating your life experiences – so you get to choose!

Order your 150vp of your Herbalife products (through your Coach or your VIP customer account) to be eligible for the major prize pool.

*ORDERING DATES FOR THIS CHALLENGE ARE BETWEEN: 1st October and 30th October (any subsequent orders that will contribute to your total of 150vp must be placed prior to 6th November).

Program options to achieve your best results

Tune in as Coach Dan walks you through your program options and enhancers for the ultimate progress package!

password: elevate

What happens next?

Once you have registered you will receive an email with a link to the 28 Elevate Challenge Resources page. This gives you access to all of the downloadable tools & resources you need. You will gain access to:

  • Your Challenge Blueprint
  • Our famous Elevate Recipe Book
  • Upload links for your proof of purchase (all before & after photos will be uploaded by your coach)
  • A full workout library from our very own Personal Trainer, Daniel!
  • Daily content, Facebook LIVE videos, weekly live & online wellness workshops, live fitness workouts, and SO MUCH MORE!

Any further questions?

Check back in with your Coach or reach out to our admin team. We are here for your goals!