28 Elevate Resources

Participant Checklist

Let’s get you set for success as we lead into the final days before the challenge. Use this list to prepare yourself to start strong! As always, please refer to your coach or our facebook support group if you need anything along the way. Let’s Elevate!

Meal Prep Recipe Book

This is the goodness! Our famous recipe book of clean options that the entire family (or just yourself!) will come to love. We have something for everyone in here, including gym junkies, vegetarians, and healthy desserts that are challenge-approved! Get creative and have some fun with your whole foods. WE LOVE FOOD, so let’s use it to fuel our goals!

Smoothie Recipes

Master making delicious smoothies at home like a boss!


Looking to make amazing smoothies from the comfort of your own home? We have got you covered with our latest video! In it, we share tips and tricks for using a blender to create the perfect smoothie.


Wake up with Coach Morgan as she runs you through a solid start to your day with your Ultimate Nutrition Program. She also shows us how to make the perfect smoothie from home!


Access all of the content we’ll be dropping in this exclusive group

Success Blueprint

Here is your roadmap for results (if you follow the plan!). Inside here are your suggested meal plans, weekly meal planners, goal setting strategies and some inspiration to get you excited for what is ahead. Remember, we all start somewhere and you are in exactly the right place. Download this file to your phone, and print your meal plan to stick on your fridge at home!


This challenge we are turning things up a notch! Please capture and send your before & after photos to your Coach by the required date. Upon completion of the challenge, your coach will upload your photos here for you. Don’t forget to check out all the tips for a winning photo in your Challenge Blueprint! The only thing you will need to upload is your proof of purchase from your MyHerbalife order (use the link below).